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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 409 Mladost District, Sofia Bulgaria +359 2 123 456 +359 2 654 321 shop@zass.con

What I Do

What I Do

I offer my clients something called energy healing. Let me explain.

The human body consists of several of aspects. The aspect we all focus on the most is the physical one. The physical needs such as hunger, thirst, movement are such an ingrained part of our daily lives that we don’t ever give them a second thought. We drink whatever we feel we need and eat everything we think tastes good.

Then there is the mental aspect of our body. Traditional talk therapies and psychology focus on this mental or mind aspect. A licensed therapist can unravel hidden keys to your current problems by asking questions about your past so you can understand your present situation.

And I as an energy worker focus on the esoterical body. Your aura. Your soul. In MY line of work you need not tell me a single thing about yourself. You need not do anything. You need nor even be in the same room or same part of the world as me. You see, energy is all-encompassing. It exists across time and space.

The psychologist wants to get into your brain, whereas I carefully sense and scan your ENERGY field for attachments, imbalances or energies from other people and even other lifetimes. I work in a realm that is yet unknown to most people. And yet your life changes profoundly when you open up to receive energy healing.

how do I know? Well, my clients’ words are amazing testimonies!

”I feel happier and lighter. It must be you and your angels.”

”I am way more energetic than usual. I will come back again and again to you, because this is amazing!”

If you are ready to try energy healing, contact me now for a session!

Each healing session is tailored to suit the client’s specific needs and wishes

Transforms our past, current and future Energy we send out into the universe. A pretty big deal if you wish to live a happy, abundant life!
Court of Atonement
Court of Atonement transforms your soul contracts, karmic debt and family dramas into healing energy! Enhances all love, health and wealth!
Angel Medium
When you talk to your angel through me, you finally get all the answers you need to make profound changes towards your dream life.
Emotion Code
Removes all burdening trapped emotions that are blocking abundance, true love and life’s flow of good fortune and divine synchronicities!

Find A Pendulum You Love

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Adopt Your Own Pendulum

Mother and Daughter channelled pendulums 400 USD

My most popular service is the uniquely channeled pendulums that strengthen your energy field and help you through your life lessons. A channeled pendulum offers divine strength, protection and also a huge boost in your pendulum work.

Many healers gift their children a channeled pendulum too. This is why I am now offering a great deal where you save $100!

You will receive TWO unique, divinely channeled pendulums by your guardian angel and spirit guide, along with a channeled letter from them for each pendulum, for only $400. Shipping is included!

Usually this service costs $500, so this is a pretty good deal!