Clear Quartz Chakra Protector


This lovely hand-polished quartz from Italy is bursting with healing energy. I have personally infused it with Reiki.
Use this pendulum to clear your chakras. The beads represent the seven main chakras in your system.
My advice is to gaze at each chakra bead and let the pendulum spin while you hold the intention to clear that specific chakra. Hold the intention that the pendulum will stop moving when the chakra is in perfect balance and restored to its divine blueprint.
You can ask the pendulum how often this type of cleanse is needed. For the healers among us, once a day is usually enough.
Please note that I always only create one of each pendulum. When it is sold to a new owner, there will never be one quite like it offered again.
I am also focussing more on creating custom-made divinely channelled pendulums as this service is my soul’s calling.
Pieces in this price range will soon be sold out.


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