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My Story

Martina Liberson was born with the ability to read people’s true emotions. She spent her youth developing her intuitive skills and finally opened up her own healing practice in 2013.
Today she is a certified Emotion Code practitioner, Body Code practitioner, Reiki Master and Angele Medium, certified by Birkan Tore known from Swedish tv-shows such as Rescued by Angels and The Unknown.
It is confirmed that Martina’s soul is an incarnated angel from Aeon. She draws from this divine level of consciousness during sessions with clients. Along with muscle testing, she can find and heal the real root of your problems.
Often there is a heart wall that blocks the flow of success and love into your life. The heart wall is the culprit of the feeling ”Something is in my way, but what? Something makes me fail again and again, but what?” When your heart wall is removed, you will immediately notice love, joy and miracles being bestowed upon you.
Transforms our past, current and future Energy we send out into the universe. A pretty big deal if you wish to live a happy, abundant life!
Court of Atonement transforms your soul contracts, karmic debt and family dramas into healing energy! Enhances love, health & wealth!
Angel Medium
When you talk to your angel through me, you finally get all the answers you need to make profound changes towards your dream life.
Emotion Code
Removes all burdening trapped emotions that are blocking abundance, true love and life’s flow of good fortune and divine synchronicities!

What I Do

My titles include: Angel medium, channeler, psychic, healing facilitator, Reiki master. I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner and include Body Code in my sessions. I am also a certified EFT practitioner.

Each healing session is tailored to suit the client’s specific needs and wishes.

Energy healing works on the esoterical level. I am trained to find energetic underlying causes of my clients’ issues. All our problems, whether physical or emotional, begin as an imbalance in our energy field. When our energy field is completely clear and balanced, the symptoms seize to exist.

My combined skills of mediumship and healing have been changing lives for years.

Each session is 60 minutes long, and you can contact me here to book your healing sessions